Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back from vacation, part two

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, folks. I had to get my inner patriot on, and made it out to Maine to celebrate the 4th of July. But I'm back, stuffed to the gills with lobster, crab, and leaking pure Sauza from my pores.

And what a week it's been! We've seen the return of Mannywood, the Jays' epiphany (which we suggested here at TYD weeks ago), the beginning of the end for "fake tag" calls, the continuation of the Tom Hicks' financial woes (again, called months ago here at TYD), two buyers for the Cubs, and Billy Beane making sweet, sweet rape to his old friend Paul DePodesta (or at least, Paul's boss, Kevin Towers).

All of these will warrant posts of the their own in the next day or two--as well as an interesting giveaway from a Yankee-minded entrepreneur, for some lucky reader. Check back later for much, much more.

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